Moore Exterior Restoration

We specialize specifically in restoring and rebuilding outdoor wood structures Decks, Fences, Archeways and Pergolas. We also provide snow removal service

Here at M. E. R. we have one goal in mind and that is too ensure that you and your family enjoy your exterior structures for years to come. Along with polite and courteous service we involve the customer in assessing and educating the importance of maintaining their outdoor wood structures. Whether its worn and grey or brand new, sealing it from the elements will help reduce the chance of these structures rotting and falling apart leaving you to spend thousands to tens of thousands replacing and still having to put extra aside to protect it for years to come with little maintenance. I have over two years of experience restoring decks, fences, and pergolas with most of these projects taking no more than 7 days to complete depending on weather. I am currently training staff to assist myself in making many customers happy across the Sudbury and Manitoulin district for years to come. Who wouldn't want a beautiful revived deck or fence that will just stand out above the rest!!!!

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